It’s time for politicians to stop playing games with our healthcare system. The Affordable Care Act helped millions of Americans afford the health insurance they need. Now, Jeff Denham and the Republicans in D.C. have gutted our healthcare system, sending premiums skyrocketing here in the Valley. That’s simply unacceptable.

In Congress, I’ll fight for affordable, universal healthcare coverage, because no one should ever go bankrupt from a medical bill. I’ll work to allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies, so that our seniors can get a better deal on their medication. And I’ll stand up to anti-choice extremists in D.C. to protect a woman’s right to chose.


Our immigration system is broken. It’s time to end the political games and fix the system now. Here in the Valley, we all know DACA recipients. It's simply unacceptable that Congress has not passed a clean DREAM Act.

In Congress, I will support comprehensive immigration reform that includes:

  • A path to citizenship for otherwise law-abiding residents.
  • Ensures that farmers and agri-business have the access to labor they need.
  • Increases Visas for highly-skilled workers to give American business access to skilled labor here at home.
  • Penalizes businesses and contractors that knowingly hire undocumented workers.
  • Better secures our border to eliminate illegal trafficking and keep dangerous criminals out of our country.


We’ve seen anti-choice extremists like Jeff Denham attack women’s rights for far too long. In Congress, I’ll stand up to protect a woman’s right to choose. I support increasing access to contraception and will defend Planned Parenthood, which provides critical healthcare services to low income families here in the Central Valley.

Women deserve to be paid the same as men for the same work. When I’m in Congress, I’ll fight for equal pay legislation.


Our tax code is cumbersome and inefficient, and the Republican tax bill was nothing more than a giveaway to large corporations and the wealthy. It’s unfair that multibillion-dollar companies hide their assets in overseas banks and pay nothing in taxes, while small businesses like mine pay more. We need real tax reform that will close loopholes, ensure billionaires pay their fair share, and strengthen our economy by rewarding those who create jobs or make investments here at home. A cleaner, simpler tax code will reduce waste and corruption and allow small businesses to compete on a level playing field.


Small businesses are the engines of the economy. A healthy economy and strong middle class depend on small businesses being able to thrive.  As one of thousands of family farmers in this district, I know there are times when the government hampers innovation and job creation with complicated paperwork and confusing regulations. We need to streamline the regulations and get rid of red tape.

Instead of massive giveaways to big corporations, we should extend tax credits to small businesses that hire new workers and we should expand the Small Business Administration loan programs to give growing businesses the access to capital they need to succeed.


The Valley is hurting. Politicians point fingers, but nobody is addressing our jobs crisis. We need a representative who is open to new ideas, not party politics. My test is simple: if an idea will help the economy and create more good-paying local jobs, I’ll work across party lines to make it happen.     


Our seniors have worked hard for decades, building the country we enjoy today and paying into Medicare and Social Security so that they could retire with dignity and security.  They kept up their end of the deal. Now it’s our responsibility to do the same.

Medicare provides our seniors with the health care they need and deserve. I will stand up to politicians who want to privatize Medicare, making seniors pay more and forcing them to deal with health insurance companies to get their Medicare coverage. Instead, let’s strengthen Medicare by eliminating duplication, waste, and fraud, and let’s allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, which will reduce the cost to taxpayers and seniors.

Social Security makes up more than 50% of income for most of our seniors. I’ll oppose any risky schemes to privatize Social Security, because it’s wrong to give big paydays to Wall Street while they gamble seniors’ retirement accounts on the market.  I’ll vote against any budget that makes cuts to Social Security.

Protecting Medicare and Social Security isn’t a question of left or right. It’s a question of right or wrong. And it’s wrong for politicians to play partisan politics with our seniors’ security and health.  In Congress, I will work to protect and preserve both Medicare and Social Security. Because it’s the right thing to do.

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