Breaking: Michael Eggman Leads Jeff Denham by 5 Points


October 19, 2016
Josh Lord (209) 850-1653


Breaking: Michael Eggman Leads Jeff Denham by 5 Points

12-point shift since July

Modesto, Calif. - Today, Michael Eggman, local farmer and candidate for Congress in California’s 10th congressional district, released a new poll from Anzalone Liszt Grove Research showing him leading Trump supporting Republican Jeff Denham by five points – 47 percent to 42 percent. This represents a 12-point shift in the vote since July, when Denham held a seven-point lead.

Its clear that Michael Eggmans message of commonsense leadership for Central Valley families is resonating with voters in sharp contrast to Denhams unwavering support for Donald Trump and his nasty, divisive agenda. said campaign manager Josh Lord.

The polling data comes on the heels of the Modesto Bee’s endorsement of Michael Eggman [link] and millionaire Jeff Denham’s continued support of Donald Trump, even after many allegations of sexual harassment and assault.  

View the full polling memo [here].

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Congressman Denham has consistently supported Donald Trump. Denham even took credit for getting Trump a lucrative government contract (Turlock City News, 9/12/13), endorsed Trump for President (The Modesto Bee, 8/7/16), and still stands with Trump after Trump bragged about groping women (The Modesto Bee, 10/15/16).

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