Eggman’s First Two TV Ads Connect Denham and Trump


October 4, 2016

Eggman’s First Two TV Ads Connect Denham and Trump

Today the Michael Eggman for Congress campaign released its first television ads, in both English and Spanish, linking millionaire Congressman Jeff Denham to Donald Trump.

Denham has endorsed Trump and bragged about helping the billionaire get a sweetheart deal on a taxpayer-funded building in Washington, DC.


The ads also highlight Trump’s demeaning attacks on women and immigrants, as well as his statement that “there is no drought.”

“We want to make it clear to voters that millionaire Congressman Jeff Denham is fighting for Trump, not the Valley,” said Josh Lord, Eggman’s campaign manager. “Michael Eggman would stand up to Trump and his reckless agenda and fight for Valley families.”

The ads will air on broadcast television in the Sacramento media market.



To build his new, luxury hotel, Donald Trump got

millions of your tax dollars.

And Congressman Jeff Denham helped him get it.

Denham even bragged about all he did for Trump.

Now, Trump attacks women and immigrants and tries to claim


“There is no drought”…“believe me”


And Denham still stands with him, not us.


I’m Michael Eggman, and I approve this message.

Because I’ll always stand with the Valley.




Cuando Donald Trump ataca a los inmigrantes…

[When Donald Trump attacks immigrants]

Donald Trump:

“they’re bringing crime...they’re rapists”


…o ataca a las mujeres, e incluso dice:

[attacks women and even says]  

Donald Trump:

“There is no drought”


es indignante. 

[it’s offensive]

Pero que nuestro congresista Jeff Denham apoye a Trump es mucho peor.

[But when our Congressman Jeff Denham supports Trump it’s much worse.]

El agricultor local Michael Eggman se opone a Trump,

[Local farmer Michael Eggman opposes Trump]

y siempre luchará por el Valle.

[and will always fight for the Valley]

Michael Eggman:

Soy Michael Eggman, y yo apruebo este mensaje.

[I’m Michael Eggman and I approve this message.]

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