#Flashback Friday at the Denham and Trump Hotel


September 16, 2016
Josh Lord (209) 850-1653

#Flashback Friday at the Denham and Trump Hotel

Today Donald Trump used a dramatic campaign stop to promote the opening of his new DC Trump hotel. Millionaire Congressman and Trump supporter Jeff Denham bragged about helping the billionaire secure the lucrative government contract, even boasting about all the job creating it would do – in DC, not here in the Valley.

The extravagant hotel is just blocks from Denham’s $600,000 luxury condo in Washington.

“Millionaire Jeff Denham is looking out for billionaires like Donald Trump, not Valley families,” said Josh Lord, Michael Eggman’s campaign manager. “Michael Eggman will stand up to Trump, not get him sweetheart deals or be a rubber stamp for his reckless agenda.”

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