Poll: Congressman Denham Vulnerable to Challenger Michael Eggman


August 3, 2016
Josh Lord (209) 850-1653
Clinton Leads Trump by 7 points, 61% Voters Dislike Trump

A poll released today by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research shows that Congressman Jeff Denham is vulnerable to Democratic challenger Michael Eggman in California’s Central Valley 10th congressional district. On a generic ballot - Republican vs. Democrat - a Democrat holds a seven-point advantage over a Republican. At the end of the survey, Eggman lands within the margin of error.
The poll also shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by seven points and that 61 percent of voters view the Republican nominee unfavorably. This is not surprising since the district is nearly 30% Latino. Denham, who voters view as a “career politician,” has expressed his support for the toxic Presidential nominee and attended the Republican National Convention last week.
While Eggman is relatively unknown, he has room to grow and is in striking distance of Denham, who starts below 50 percent.
“This poll shows that Central Valley voters will reject the Donald Trump-Jeff Denham ticket at the ballot box in November,” said Eggman campaign manager Josh Lord. 


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