Trump Impersonator Delivers Thank You Card to Denham


August 22, 2016
Josh Lord (209) 850-1653


Trump Impersonator Delivers Thank You Card to Denham

Kicks Off Week Highlighting Denham’s Trump Connections


Modesto, CA - Today a Donald Trump impersonator delivered a faux ‘thank you card’ to millionaire Congressman Jeff Denham’s office thanking him for his recent endorsement and his attendance at the GOP convention. 

The card also thanked Denham for his help securing Trump a lucrative contract to redevelop the Old Post Office in Washington, DC, which Denham touted as helpful to the “local” economy in DC. 

The card reads: “Jeff, Thank you SO MUCH for your YUGE show of support at the convention and for your endorsement! Also a yuge thanks for helping me secure the Old Post Office in DC! I couldn't have done it without all your support! Let's make America great again together! xoxo, The Donald”

The delivery marks the first in a series of events this week that will further highlight Denham’s support for Trump and his similarities with the out-of-touch billionaire, including the fact that Denham has increased his wealth up to twenty-nine times since going to Congress.

“Central Valley voters deserve to know that millionaire Jeff Denham stands with Donald Trump,” said Josh Lord, Michael Eggman’s campaign manager. “Valley families deserve a congressman who will stand up for them, not billionaires like Trump.”

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